Enrollment Agreement

Insurance Training Associates, LLC

Enrollment Agreement
Program Information and Guidelines

Online Self-Study courseeware with required verifiable hours in each Course Category is accessible after the student registration is completed online and tuition is paid.

Amount of training online is at the discretion of the student but it is not recommended that you exceed 8 hours per day. Online Course study will begin from the date of online registration and tuition payment. Students will be given 90 days (Basic Package) to complete the online training (120 days for Premium Package). If not completed in the time allocated, a student may renew their courseware for an additional 30 days at a discounted rate.

A “Certificate of Completion” is available to the student when the required courseware hours are completed and verified.

I hereby certify that I will conduct the online training personally, and I will be the only person to log onto the ITA Online Training with the login and password assigned to me.

I further understand that allowing someone else to access or use my login for the purpose of clocking hours is a violation of my agreement with ITA and is a violation of state regulations.

I also agree that failure to comply with these terms will result in forfeiture of any and all tuition paid, as well as forfeiture of any and all previously completed hours of training. I certify that I will personally be completing all of the online training and that I will be responsible and accountable for any misuse of the system.

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and eligible to take the State Insurance Examination.

Additionally, I understand the following:
  1. That tuition charges will accrue based on the hours that the program is offered by the school and that I have contracted/scheduled to conduct online, self-paced study rather than attend an actual lecture/self-paced class at the school facilities.
  2. That any refund calculation is based on my last date of Login onto the ITA Online Training Program.
  3. Use of a computer and access to the internet are the sole responsibility of the user. No computers or internet access will be provided by ITA.
  4. Completion of this online course does not guarantee passing the State Insurance Examination.
  5. Any inquiry a student may have regarding this contract may be made in writing to Insurance Training Associates by email to service@itaamerica.com.
  6. My Electronic Signature Indicates That I Have Read and Agree to the ITA Online Terms of Use Agreement.