We are pretty sure that you would rate your agency as one of the very best in your local community or even perhaps one of the best in your city or state. But can you claim to be among the very best in America? Would your customers rate you as one of the very best insurance agencies in America?

As an online training provider with approved courses in every state, ITA recognizes that insurance agents and future insurance agents are our customers. These customers and their ongoing support is the reason we are in business. In this economic environment, the customer is truly the king.

In the course of a daily work schedule, the staff at ITA observed an increasing number of insurance agents/agencies that were being reviewed online by their customers.
We asked our research department to look into it. They checked out a number of online review services and determined there are literally thousands of insurance professionals that are being reviewed by their customers on a regular basis.

Our research department also discovered that there are more than 2,000,000 licensed insurance agents in America and over 250,000 insurance agencies. Further discovery led the researchers to come to the conclusion that no company out there recognizes the top insurance professionals based on their customer reviews. In our opinion there is no greater system of determing the value of an insurance professional than the written words of their customers.

ITA decided that we would be the first company to actually take the time to look at these reviews and recognize the best of the best - the Top 1000 Insurance Professionals in America. We searched the more than 80,000 zip codes in the US and found tens of thousands of customer reviews. We applied filters (number of reviews, top rated, geographical location and so on) to reach our top 1000.

To see who the Top 1000 Insurance Professionals in America, we encourage you to visit our website http://top1000ins.com and click on your state.

If you are not among the Top 1000 we hope that you will make a determined effort to be listed among the best next year. We encourage you, in the course of your daily work schedule and as you provide a high level of customer service, to ask your customers to write a few words on your behalf on any one or more of the customer review service websites.