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5 Things you should do when considering a career in insurance.

#5 Do the research.  Find out what insurance opportunity interests you the most. Life sales only, multiple-lines, health insurance, and so on.

#4 Take an insurance profile.  See if you have what it takes to succeed in insurance.  There are many opportunities in the insurance industry, find the one that fits your personality/lifestyle.

#3  Get Licensed BEFORE you start interviewing.  Recruiters recognize that almost 40% of all candidates never get licensed, so they are not inclined to spend as much time on someone.  If you are already licensed and ready to move forward, recruiters will listen. If you are licensed, you are golden.

#2  Interview with 5 or more insurance company recruiters.  Be prepared to ask them about training (sales and products), compensation, support, success rate of other agents and how to build a network.  Contact a few agents that are working at the company and ask them if they think that they made the right choice. Take notes during the interview and compare.

#1  Choose a company.  Find the company that provides the best fit.  Go to work!!

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Special Veterans Discounts

We appreciate our veterans and now offer $10 off pre-license training courses.  Call for discount code.

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